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Hannah Buckley

I need to journal about Hannah for a moment. Please see her links under “Associated” on the Home page – if you want to encounter one of the most naturally gifted musical artists I’ve ever come across in my life.

     Some people just seem to be made of what they are good at… like their atoms all came from one specific star or something and fastened themselves into a person here on Earth. Paul McCartney, maybe. Elvis. Michael Jordan (though I know he worked hard as hell to become himself). Michael Jackson. Tom Brady. I dunno.

     Hannah is like that. If Music was a realm somewhere other than this dimension, it’s like she stepped into this one from that one. And I’ve known Hannah for a while… since I was twenty-four and she was twenty-one. That’s almost a decade from the date of this writing. And she’s always been like that, since the day I met her.

     She was in school at William & Mary and came to work at The Williamsburg Winery, where I was working at the time (and playing in Potlikkor). She was quiet and reserved but held nothing back about what she and her life were all about: music.

     I don’t remember exactly how we hung out, for the first time. But I think I’d trained her a little on the wines and we’d talked about music, and whatever she'd said or whatever artists she'd mentioned liking really made an impression on me that this girl was for real.

     We became friends. And then I brought her around to Potlikkor sessions… which I was nervous about, because that’s enough to steer away some people. But Hannah just took charge like a boss, and two of our coolest tracks feature her on vocals and guitar (“Old Man” and “Sweetest Wine,” the latter of which is her song).

     Hannah and I have been through a lot together, and we’ve always been there for each other. She’s one of my very best friends. And whatever mild understanding of female psychology I might be able to lay claim to pretty much comes from her (and my great friend Luke Johnson’s wife, Meaghann… to give credit where credit’s due).

     Hannah is probably the cleanest, most precise guitar player I’ve ever seen (with possible exception of Jackson Emmer – see “Associated” on the Home page), and she truly possesses the voice of an angel. Keep an eye on her.


Connor Charlton


May, 2020