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John Lowery

John Lowery (see the song “John Lowery” by Potlikkor via the “Associated” page for further detail) was a remarkable man. I only came to know him when I was fourteen, when I took guitar lessons from him for a while (per the recommendation of Brad’s brother Sean and some other local kids). He lived in a trailer in the woods – mindblowingly, right next door to Lucie, my [future] wife. He would even casually refer to “the kids next door” (Lucie and her brother, Matt - who is learning from John in the above picture). Anyway, the song details how I feel about him, so I won’t go into too much detail here. He wouldn’t shake hands, wouldn’t let anyone touch him or come too close, and he had one of the most intelligent minds of anyone I’ve ever met. He had a theory that Arthur Conan Doyle was Jack the Ripper, and I begged him to write it down because he practically proved it to me. He had dates, locations, freakish coincidences of synchronicity… everything. That’s just the kind of guy he was.

     He was also – along with Littleberry Darby – the greatest guitarist I’ve ever known.


Connor Charlton


May, 2020