Produced and Engineered by

The Absolution Train and Wes Charlton


1. "Invocation Prayer"

     Stephen Kendall: spoken lyrics

     Alexandra Kendall: spoken lyrics, sung background vocals

     Tucker Harris: spoken lyrics

     Connor Charlton: spoken lyrics, sung background vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, piano, bass, djembe, percussion


2. "Swamplands"

     Connor Charlton: vocal, acoustic & electric guitars, piano, bass, drums


3. "The Horse"

     Lucie Auer: lead spoken lyrics

     Connor Charlton: background spoken lyrics


4. "Outskirts"

     Connor Charlton: vocal, acoustic guitar

     Cicadas: themselves


5. "Time of the Ghouls"

     Lucie Auer: spoken lyrics


6. "Like a Home"

     Connor Charlton: lead vocal, electric guitar

     Wes Charlton: background vocal, electric guitars, bass, percussion, programming


7. "In the Kitchen"

     Connor Charlton: acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, bass, drums, percussion


8. "Cora"

     Connor Charlton: vocal, acoustic guitar