Me and Shane New Year's.JPG

Shane Cooley

Ah, Shane… how did we make it out alive?

     Out of where, in particular, you might ask? Where haven’t we been that we couldn't ask that about? The Neck… Williamsburg (Jesus)… Richmond… Austin… California… the world… life… 

     Shane is such an interesting friend of mine. I regret to say that I’ve not had the privilege of consistently being in the same place at the same time and in the same circles as him to get really and truly close with him, but, that being said, I’ve known the dude since we were both seventeen, and we’ve been through enough together and vibed hard enough together for me to consider him one of my brothers in this life.

     You know those two kids whom the adults are always trying to keep apart because they can’t help but get into trouble – like, every single time they get together? That’s like my friendship with Shane.

     I honestly have more hazy images and snapshot memories than actual whole stories or situations to relay. The above picture pretty much tells the whole story.

     Shane – along with Jackson Emmer and my brother Wes – is in that rare breed of artist of my generation's DIY Musician religion who is not only consummately talented and skillful but who is also breathtakingly professional (something I’ve just truly struggled with my whole life… it’s like trying to write with my left hand). He is so utterly on top of his game. It’s impressive as hell. Go see one of his shows and watch him perform every single song perfectly while providing a treasure chest of merch for you that is beyond convenient, and then listen to his latest plot for what he’s got himself up to (I recommend this for all three of these guys, by the way).

     My respect for Shane is enormous. He is just constantly coming so hard to the hoop. He is the most natural born rockstar I've ever known.

     Keep an eye on that guy.


Connor Charlton


May, 2020