Texas, 2008

Produced, Engineered, & Mastered by The Absolution Train and Christopher Harold King


1. Visions

    Connor Charlton: keyboard   


2. Waiting to Call the Right Witness / Foxholes

     Connor Charlton: acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, mandolin, drums, keyboard, bass

     Kaitlin Farrell: vocals

     Christopher Harold King: shaker

     Wes Charlton: spoken lyrics


3. Summer Soul

     Connor Charlton: vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, violin, bass, drums, percussion, keyboard

     Kaitlin Farrell: vocals

     Christopher Harold King: percussion

     Rian Craypo: PVC pipe

     Leah Manners: spoken lyrics

     Wes Charlton: spoken lyrics


4. Things

     Connor Charlton: vocal, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, drums


5. Favorite Chair

     Claiborne Dingledine: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion

     Connor Charlton: backing vocal, electric guitar, keyboard, mandolin, percussion


6. Old Man’s Been on My Insides

     Connor Charlton: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, percussion


7. Baby

     Thomas Ferro: lead vocal, acoustic guitar

     Virginia Pharr: backing vocal

     Connor Charlton: backing vocal, keyboard


8. Moment of Reflection

     Connor Charlton: vocal, electric guitar, bass, keyboard


9. Nowhere (Fill up the Glass)

     Connor Charlton: lead vocal, acoustic guitar

     Claiborne Dingledine: backing vocal, bass

     Virginia Pharr: backing vocal, washboard

     James Walter: tire iron

     Christopher Harold King & friends: backing vocals, ambience


10. Amelia’s Lullaby

     Connor Charlton: acoustic guitar, keyboard

     Kaitlin Farrell: vocal