What Is The Absolution Train?



The Absolution Train is an American literary and musical project founded in 2007.



The Absolution Train is a personal awareness of personal art as expressed through the stream of experience of a personal consciousness. This consciousness is mine (for purposes of this project; yet, in theory, it may belong to everyone). It is not primarily mental; it originates from an instinctive and intuitive sensing capability, lived and felt primarily in other regions of the human being apart from the deductive mind.   

     To me, it serves also as a record of Nature, as kept by my personal nature. As Nature is simply that which is natural, I prefer to define the natural by using the perspective of the ancient Chinese philosophers who termed it Ziran: “so of itself” (or “self-ablaze”).

     The Absolution Train is the name I have given to the instrument of my artistic consciousness. Words and music are the mediums it prefers. As wind blows through a reed, my artistic awareness moves through the lens of The Absolution Train; and what results is the body of work here presented before you.

     At times, this personal awareness has, in accord with the conditions of Nature, discovered its form through my becoming a member of a band. Because such a phenomenon was my nature according with Nature of that time, and because it also existed in accord with my awareness of my own art, it could accurately be said that each of these bands was also The Absolution Train. (Reflections on their active years and links to their music are included on the "Associated" page.)

     In summary, I conceive of The Absolution Train as a personal discipline, way of life, and life’s work; regardless of whether it opts to incarnate as a rock band, a lyric novel, experimental recording, the art of another’s consciousness as experienced/expressed through my own, a guitar sketch, a moment caught on video or in a picture, the writing of this letter, or the building of this website. Ultimately, my awareness of it being it is what makes it it.


Connor Charlton        

March, 2020