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The Frog Gods

Lyric Novel 2014

fg cover.jpeg

Two brothers deal with life and death in their own ways

Fire Flowers

Lyric Novel 2014

Fire Flowers cover.PNG

A love song of two young artists at a university


Lyric Novel 2016

r-s cover.jpeg

Teenagers in an American town in the early 1990s

Prose Novel 2016

A costumed killer among various characters of a winery in a mountain town

Ghosts of Nashville

Lyric Novel 2018

ghosts of nashville cover.jpeg

Four friends form a rock band and journey to Nashville in search of glory


Lyric Novel 2019

Primal cover pic.PNG

A brother and sister struggle with the romantic and sexual love between them

The Shrine

Prose Novel 2020

A sacred summer camp in the mountains

Book of Beasts

Lyric / Prose Collection 2022

Book of Beasts cover.JPG

Selected writings 2014-2022

River Gods

Lyric / Prose Novel 2022

Voices and characters of a boarding school on the river and its surrounding rural landscape

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