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The Frog Gods

Lyric Novel 2014

fg cover.jpeg

Two brothers deal with life and death in their own ways

Fire Flowers

Lyric Novel 2014

Fire Flowers cover.PNG

A love song of two young artists at a university


Lyric Novel 2016

r-s cover.jpeg

Teenagers in an American town


Prose / Lyric Novel 2018

A costumed killer among various characters of a winery in a mountain town

Ghosts of Nashville

Lyric Novel 2018

ghosts of nashville cover.jpeg

Four friends form a rock band and journey to Nashville in search of glory

Lyric Novel 2019
Primal cover pic.PNG

A brother and sister struggle with the romantic and sexual love between them

Primal II
Prose Novel 2019

Alternate version of the book Primal

Book of Beasts
Collection 2022

Lyric compositions 2014-2022

The Shrine

Lyric / Prose Novel 2022

A sacred summer camp in the mountains

River Gods

Prose / Lyric Novel 2022

Voices and characters of the river

Shed Band

Prose / Lyric Novel 2023

Shed Band cover.jpg

A young rock band forms


Lyric Novel 2023

Two kids conjure a being from their dreaming

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