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jimi va jam porch.jpeg

Virginia Pharr and James Walter - street band practice on the porch.  Webberville, Texas 2007

jimi and buddy on porch.jpeg

James Walter and Buddy.  Webberville, Texas 2007

me and virginia on couch.jpeg

Connor Charlton and Virginia Pharr.  Webberville, Texas 2007

me studying in trailer.jpeg

Connor Charlton - Absolution Train trailer.  Austin, Texas 2007

Courtney fiddle.jpg
jimi and me in trailer.jpeg

James Walter and Connor Charlton - Absolution Train trailer.  Austin, Texas 2007

me practicing on porch.jpeg

Connor Charlton.  Webberville, Texas 2007

jimi on slackline.jpeg

James Walter and Dusty.  Webberville, Texas 2007

me hitchhiking.jpeg

Connor Charlton.  Austin, Texas 2007

clay and the crow.jpeg

The Crow and Claiborne Dingledine.  Austin, Texas 2007

me and jimi practice.jpeg

James Walter and Connor Charlton.  Webberville, Texas 2007

Lucie L.A..jpeg

Lucie Auer.  Los Angeles, California 2018

Tucker Harris.  Washington, D.C. 2010s


Anastasia Holloway.  Austin, Texas 2020

me and wes with guitars.jpeg

Connor and Wes Charlton.  White Stone, Virginia 2020

Virginia Woods by Reservoir.JPG

Virginia wilderness 2020

Daria in Missouri.JPG

Connor's 2008 Honda Accord and 1974 Gibson J40.  Missouri motel 2020

Wes at 16 & 37.JPG

Wes Charlton, teenager & adult

Shane Cooley and Connor Charlton.  Austin, Texas 2017

Jonathan Hudgins.  Williamsburg, Virginia 2014

Landon Clark, Connor Charlton, and Jack Roebuck - fire pit outside Connor's house.  Richmond, Virginia 2017

Me & Shane Call of the Way pic.jpg

Shane Cooley and Connor Charlton - The Call of the Way session, Cooleyland Recording.  Mollusk, Virginia 2022

Connor Charlton.  Ojai, California 2023

Tod Weidner and Patrice Hall - hosts of Cowman Reading/Listening Party.  Ojai, California 2024

Lucie Auer and Clay Piatt - Cowman Reading/Listening Party. Ojai, California 2024

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