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jimi va jam porch.jpeg

Virginia Pharr (hand) & James Walter.  Webberville, Texas 2007

jimi and buddy on porch.jpeg

James Walter & Buddy.  Webberville, Texas 2007

me and virginia on couch.jpeg

Connor Charlton & Virginia Pharr.  Webberville, Texas 2007

me studying in trailer.jpeg

Connor Charlton.  Austin, Texas 2007

Courtney fiddle.jpg

Courtney Hastings 2010s

jimi and me in trailer.jpeg

James Walter & Connor Charlton.  Austin, Texas 2007

me practicing on porch.jpeg

Connor Charlton.  Webberville, Texas 2007

jimi on slackline.jpeg

James Walter & Dusty.  Webberville, Texas 2007

me hitchhiking.jpeg

Connor Charlton.  Austin, Texas 2007


Mei-Li Garcia 2010s

clay and the crow.jpeg

The Crow & Claiborne Dingledine.  Austin, Texas 2007

me and jimi practice.jpeg

James Walter & Connor Charlton.  Webberville, Texas 2007

Lucie L.A..jpeg

Lucie Auer.  Los Angeles, California 2018

Tucker Harris.  Washington, D.C. 2010s


Anastasia Holloway.  Austin, Texas 2020

me and wes with guitars.jpeg

Connor & Wes Charlton.  White Stone, Virginia 2020

Virginia Woods by Reservoir.JPG

Virginia 2020

Daria in Missouri.JPG

Daria & Claribel [2008 Honda Accord & 1974 Gibson J40].  Missouri motel 2020

Wes at 16 & 37.JPG

Wes Charlton, teenager & adult

Shane Cooley & Connor Charlton.  Austin, Texas 2017

Jonathan Hudgins.  Williamsburg, Virginia 2014

Landon Clark, Connor Charlton, & Jack Roebuck.  Richmond, Virginia 2017

Lucie Auer & frog.  Wake, Virginia 1990s

Lucie Auer.  Washington, D.C. 2010s

A writing from the ninth movement Book of Beasts of the book The Absolution Train

Me & Shane Call of the Way pic.jpg

Shane Cooley & Connor Charlton - The Call of the Way session.  Mollusk, Virginia 2022

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